Good June Vibes

Good June Vibes

Good June Vibes

Good June Vibes

Good June Vibes  Good June Vibes

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Happy June!  I can’t believe we are already halfway through 2017!  I wish the year would slow down just a bit but I am happy that it summer is practically here.  After a very long winter, I can’t wait to be out in the sun with friends and family enjoying the warm weather!

I think all bloggers struggle with finding a balance of how much of their personal life to actually share on their blog and/or social media.  We don’t want to share too much but we also want to show you all that we are humans, too.  Not everything is as pretty and perfect as Instagram makes it out to be.  Not everyday is a good day or even a good hair day.  We go through shit, too.  I think I am still trying to find that balance as well.  However, towards the end of last year, when I opened up about my company’s closure and the emotional rollercoaster that came along with it, it definitely resonated with people.  (Read that post here.)

Two months ago, I spoke about a new freelance job I had started that was a temporary role and was very likely to be extended.  A week before my original end date, I was told that the extension was not approved due to company wide budget cuts and I would be out of a job, again.  Naturally, I freaked out a bit but then reassured myself that everything would be okay.  Sure, I didn’t had much money saved or another job lined up but it’s life and we just gotta keep moving.

To be completely honest, these past six weeks have been tough.  And it also didn’t help that I was tough on myself.  It was probably the most vulnerable I’ve been in a while and I wasn’t kind to myself when I needed it the most.  I’ve been working for years and supporting myself without help from anyone.  As a Taurus, we need stability and I’m not used to being this uncomfortable!

All of my prior jobs, I’ve always stayed with the company for over a year or more, even when I was unhappy and wanted to leave.  I would stick through it because at the end of the day, I needed a paycheck and I am a hard worker that always goes above and beyond.  Now I’m a freelancer, moving from temp job to temp job, in hopes of becoming a full time employee again.  I’ve never had much faith in recruiting agencies due to past experiences, but man, I am so blessed to have found a great agency who believes in me and has helped me find great opportunities.

Usually when you are let go from a company, you apply for unemployment, right?  Well, there were issues with my unemployment claim – a very long story that I will save for a rainy day.  However, long story short, I wasn’t getting any money until the issues were resolved.  Guys, I can’t make this stuff up.

I had no income coming in with rent and bills still due, so what did I decide to do?  Make my Poshmark side hustle a full time business.  I had already been selling on Poshmark since the beginning of the year as a big closet clean out was necessary and who doesn’t like making some extra side money?  However, my business started picking up towards the middle of March to the point where I was making trips to my post office three to four times a week!

Not only have I sold a significant amount of clothing, shoes and accessories, I was able to fund all of my bills for the month of April.  Thanks for nothing unemployment office!  I also prolonged filing my taxes until the beginning of April just in case I needed that money to survive on, which I kind of did as it helped pay my April rent!  These past 6 weeks were hard but I worked my ass off to stay a float and pulled through!  There is so much beauty in the struggle.  You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

For the month of June, I am hoping and praying for all the good vibes and blessings from the universe!!  I just started a new job last week, which I am very grateful for!  It’s a little different from what I used to do but always an area I wanted to learn more in.  It is part time so it still gives me time to work on my blog, continue job hunting for a full time role and still maintain my Poshmark biz.  I also just finished updating my planner for the month and June is pretty busy with some collabs and events lined up.  Aside from my birthday and Mother’s Day in May, I stayed pretty low key, so I am excited to get out again and start creating new content!

We still have six more months of 2018 to knock out our goals and achieve what we’ve planned to do!  Let’s make this second half of the year count!


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